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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Good Stuff

[dir] Acetic Path

3.2 MB2015-Dec-07
[dir] Ammen-Platinum24.5 MB2015-Dec-07
[dir] Antimony21.2 MB2015-Dec-07
[dir] Assaying_Manuals1.1 GB2015-Dec-07
[dir] Chemistry Textbook - Vogel27.1 MB2015-Dec-07
[dir] Digby - Chemical Secrets172.1 MB2015-Dec-07
[dir] Formulae56.5 MB2015-Dec-07
[dir] French, John - Art of Distillation1.1 MB2015-Dec-07
[dir] Golden Book of Chemistry56.2 MB2015-Dec-07
[dir] IMAGES - Laboratory Equipment22.0 MB2015-Dec-07
[dir] IMAGES - Laboratory Scenes35.6 MB2015-Dec-07
[dir] IMAGES - Labwork7.4 MB2015-Dec-07
[dir] IMAGES - Minerals - Metals1.4 MB2015-Dec-07
[dir] Info_on_Chemicals681.7 KB2015-Dec-07
[dir] Laboraory of Dr. Libavius, Rothenburg, Germany3.5 MB2015-Dec-07
[dir] Laboratory Techniques3.5 MB2015-Dec-07
[dir] Lab_Report_Guide14.1 MB2015-Dec-07
[dir] Metals Work5.0 MB2015-Dec-07
[dir] Method to Make Philosophic Mercury391.7 KB2015-Dec-07
[dir] Mineral Work1.1 MB2015-Dec-07
[dir] Modern Chemistry Books613.8 MB2015-Dec-07
[dir] Plant Work456.0 KB2015-Dec-07
[dir] Practical Alchemy2.6 MB2015-Dec-07
[dir] Ripley - Preparation of Philosophic Mercury338.7 KB2015-Dec-07
[dir] Roger Caro154.5 KB2015-Dec-07
[dir] Rubellus_Petrinus1.1 MB2015-Dec-07
[dir] SOFTWARE - Lab Work118.1 KB2015-Dec-07
[dir] The Chemists Key23.8 MB2015-Dec-07
[dir] The Stone319.7 KB2015-Dec-07
[dir] Transameliation of the Metals28.8 MB2015-Dec-07
[dir] Vinegar Work707.9 KB2015-Dec-07
[dir] Water10.1 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] 18th Century Chemical Terms.pdf158.0 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Acetaldehyde.PDF295.1 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] A Chymicall Treatise of Arnoldus de Nova Villa.pdf78.0 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Alchemical-and-Archaic-Chemistry-Terms.pdf181.0 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Alchemical Creations.pdf128.0 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Alchemical Lexicon.pdf33.0 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Alchemical process summarized.pdf23.4 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Alchemical Properties of Foods - Hauck.pdf173.7 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Alchemical versus Chemical Distillation.pdf154.1 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Alchemists Handbook - Albertus.pdf206.3 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Alchemists Handbook -FratAlbertus.pdf6.6 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Alchemy-in-the-Garden.pdf2.5 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Alchemy Compendium of Formulae.pdf299.4 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Alchemy Metallurgy and Pharmacy.pdf5.0 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Alchemy_of_Aging_Wine.pdf32.5 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Alembic-Still-History.pdf181.4 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] A Lexicon of Alchemy - M Rulandus.pdf1.7 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Analytic_Chemistry.pdf35.3 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] anatomy of lead.pdf24.8 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Animated Mercury - Friend of the Dawn.PDF550.1 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] antimony.pdf3.8 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Art of Soapmaking.pdf145.8 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Athanasius Kircher's Table of alchemical equipment and opera.pdf8.4 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] BasicSoapHndt.pdf135.9 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Book Concerning The Tincture Of The Philosophers.pdf111.5 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Book of Ancient Formulas.pdf227.2 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] brewers_Dictionary_of_Phrase_and_Fable.pdf4.9 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Cannabis Alchemy.pdf7.0 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Cannabis The Philosophers Stone.pdf1.0 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Cannabis_Alchemy.pdf318.7 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Carolina_Solution_Preparation_Manual[1].pdf75.0 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Caveman Chemistry -demo.pdf1.5 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Cell_Salts_and_Astrology.pdf20.7 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Certain Verses of an Unknown Writer.pdf12.4 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] ChemExpts.pdf27.9 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] chemical-fume-hood-handbook.pdf200.8 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Chemical_Incompatibilities.pdf483.9 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] chemistry_demonstration_recipes.pdf28.1 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Colours to be observed in the Great Work.pdf14.9 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Compenium of Alchemical Processes.pdf299.4 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Dean, John A. Lange's Handbook of Chemistry.pdf11.3 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] delving_deeper_into Water.pdf97.7 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] der_trockene_weg.pdf37.8 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Doe-Handbook of Chemistry.pdf1.7 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Dubuis-Jean-Mineral-Alchemy-Vol-3.pdf17.1 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Dubuis-Mineral-Alchemy-Vol-4.pdf17.0 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Electricity_in_the_Body.pdf4.3 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Electrostatic_Dirod_Construction_Guide.pdf2.1 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Electrum Gold and Silver.pdf1.1 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] ElementalScientificCatalog.pdf4.1 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Elementary Metallurgy-Hiorns.pdf19.7 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Elementary_Metallurgy-scan.pdf19.7 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Emerald_Tablet_Spagyric_Tincture_Instructions.pdf93.4 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Emoto Water Experiments - Dr Korotkov.pdf448.8 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Enrichment of Carat Gold Alloys.pdf150.9 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Ernest J Perry - The Chemistry Of Essential Oils And Artificial Perfumes - Volume 1.pdf29.5 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Essential Oils.pdf311.9 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Essential_Oil_Chemistry.pdf19.8 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Experiments touching Sulphur and Mercury.pdf20.5 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Extract from Alchymie et le Songe Verde.pdf7.8 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Extract from Glauber's Short Book of Dialogues.pdf38.5 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Folkhard-Plant-Lore-Legends-and-Lyrics-1892-Complete.pdf16.8 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Formulas_&_Nomenclature.pdf26.5 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Formulas_and_Processes-Henley.pdf82.2 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Francis Bacon - Experiments touching Sulphur and Mercury.pdf9.8 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Francis Bacon - The Making of Gold.pdf14.6 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Frank Burton Reply_to_Rubellus.pdf303.1 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] frater-albertus-alchemists-handbook.pdf0.0  B2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Frequency_of_Oils.pdf31.0 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Friar Bacon His Discovery of the Miracles Of Art, Nature And.pdf148.3 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] From-Alchemy-to-Chemistry.pdf24.1 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] glassware basics.pdf45.0 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] glyoxal facts.pdf409.9 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Gold_and_Hyperactivity.pdf338.5 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] ground-joints-sizing.pdf99.1 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Hallucinogenic-and-Poisonous-Mushroom-Field-Guide.pdf2.9 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Handbook_of_Plant_Alchemy.pdf13.2 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Herbs-in-Magic-and-Alchemy-Zalewski-1990-150pp.pdf3.2 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Herbs and their Magickal Properties.pdf209.8 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] History of the Liebig Condenser.pdf121.3 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] History_ of_ Essential_ Oils.pdf44.3 KB2015-Dec-07
[exe] HomeDistillationGuide.exe2.0 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Home Distillation Handbook.pdf1.7 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] How-to-make-the-Philosophers-Stone-from-Urine-Dry-Path.pdf22.9 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] HowToBrewYourOwnBeer.pdf401.5 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] How_to_Distill_Alchohol.pdf1.7 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Indian Bhasma Manfred Junius.pdf91.3 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Indian_Alchemy-Metallic_Soma.pdf529.1 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] IUPAC_Handout.pdf40.6 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Johann_Keysers-Goldmaking_Stone_of_the_Alchemists.pdf2.2 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] John French The Art of Distillation.pdf768.8 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] JPCGlyoxalArticle-monomer prep.pdf136.9 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Junius-Manfred-Practical-Handbook-of-Plant-Alchemy.pdf13.3 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Kolisko, Lilly - Workings Of The Stars In Earthly Substances.pdf4.0 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Laboratory-Manual-From-Al-Razi-to-Libavius-920-1597-C-E.pdf269.3 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Lab_Astrology_Chart.pdf6.4 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Lapidus-In-Persuit-of-Gold.pdf673.4 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Lapidus - In Pursuit of Gold.pdf16.6 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] lawtheoryinchemi00carnrich.pdf19.3 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Lessons in the Unfoldment of the Philosophers Stone.pdf351.8 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Letter of a philosopher concerning the secret of the great w.pdf71.6 KB2015-Dec-07
[jpg] liebig fractionater.jpg6.4 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Lully's Spirit of Wine.pdf1.0 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Magic-Mushroom-Growers-Guide.pdf4.9 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Manifred Junius - Tincture of Antimony.pdf741.9 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Martinon-16th Century Alchemy Lab.pdf6.9 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] MCDDA-Hallucinogenic_mushrooms.pdf999.7 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] McMurry-Organic_Chemistry.pdf80.5 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Mech_Press_Instructions.pdf83.1 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Medicinal_Mushroom_Agaricus_blazei.pdf200.4 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Menstruation.PDF12.6 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Menstruums-Weidenfeld.pdf1.2 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Metallic-Transmutations-by-Acetic-Acid-Primo-Dina.pdf99.0 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Method_for_producing_spagyric_essences.pdf137.5 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Modern_Analytical_Chemistry.pdf10.0 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Monatomic_Elements.pdf106.2 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Mueller - Generation der Metalle.pdf138.6 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Murien, Petri - Alchemically Purified and Solidified Mercury.pdf2.5 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Naming chemical substances.pdf512.6 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Newton And Flamel On Star Regulus Of Antimony And Iron pt 1.pdf46.8 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Nitrites Information - Nice Article.pdf84.9 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Notes on the Alchemical Transformation of Mecury.pdf14.6 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Nowell - Chemical Works.pdf102.3 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] occult chemistry.pdf13.7 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Occult Periodic Table of Elements.pdf429.0 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Of Furnaces.pdf1.3 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] OIL OF ANTIMONY.PDF137.6 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] OilProperties.pdf576.3 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Oils of Metals.pdf57.9 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] On Indigo.pdf66.9 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Operations_of_Alchemy.pdf42.0 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Oswald Croll Preface of Signatures.pdf89.7 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Pancaldi - Alchemy and Lab Work.pdf26.3 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Petrus Bonus A form and method of perfecting base metals.pdf263.1 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Phantom alchemical plants of Quersitanus.pdf14.4 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Philadelphian Gold.pdf99.3 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] philocollect.pdf42.0 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Philo Collection.pdf42.0 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Philosophers Tincture.pdf38.4 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Physical Alchemy 16th Century and Earlier.pdf1.8 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Physical Alchemy 17th and 18th Century.pdf2.3 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Planetary_Charts.pdf147.9 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Pontanus - Epistle on the Mineral Fire.pdf13.9 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Pow Wows - J George Hohman.pdf437.5 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] prep_of_acetyldahyde.pdf76.7 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Properties of Oils.pdf576.3 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Protein_Bonding_to_Gold.pdf347.1 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Remonstration of Nature.pdf77.0 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Robert Allen Bartlett - Real Alchemy A Primer of Practical Alchemy.pdf3.9 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Roger Bacon Tract on the Tincture and Oil of Antimony.pdf47.7 KB2015-Dec-07
[jpg] rounddist5.jpg5.4 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] SALTPETRE.pdf155.6 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Salvia_Divinorum.pdf153.1 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Saponification of Lye.pdf106.5 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Secret-Weidenfeld.pdf1.0 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Secrets of Antimony - Suchten.pdf3.8 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Secrets of the Adepts-Complete-Contents&Index.pdf874.4 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Secrets of the Adepts-Menstruums.pdf874.4 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Seeking the Red Elixir.pdf105.5 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Seven Metals of the Alchemists.pdf1.6 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Seven_Arcana.pdf36.3 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Shapes.pdf15.1 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Silver_Colloid_History.pdf64.9 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Soxhlet Extractor.pdf143.4 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Spagyric Preparation - Barbeur.pdf4.6 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Stavish Plant Alchemy.pdf64.5 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Steam_Distiller_Operation.pdf596.0 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Story of Alchemy and the Beginnings of Chemistry.pdf5.8 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Table of alchemical equipment.pdf8.4 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Tabletop_Distiller.pdf62.5 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Tartarus Magistery Manfred Junius.pdf538.7 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] The Art Of Distillation - J French.pdf720.5 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] The Art of Distillation.pdf659.9 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] The Chemistry Of Essential Oils And Artificial Perfumes Vol 2.pdf20.8 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] the electrochemistry of gold - aldehydes!.pdf116.3 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments.pdf27.9 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] The Making of Gold.pdf23.3 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Theoretical Background of Chinese Elixir Alchemy.pdf218.4 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] The Philosophers' Stone and its SECRET explained by CLAUS FURSTNER . The Phi.pdf414.0 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Thermal Decomposition of Metal Acetates.pdf5.5 MB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] The Salt of the Philosophers.pdf19.3 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] The Tincture of the Philosophers - Paracelsus.pdf71.2 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] The Tomb of Semiramis.pdf64.9 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] The Treasure of Treasures for Alchemists by Paracelsus.pdf17.7 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Three alchemical flasks of Oldfield.pdf18.0 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Tincture of Antimony.pdf741.9 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Tinctures.pdf50.6 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Tract On the Tincture & Oil of Antimony - R Bacon.pdf41.8 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Treatise on Gold.pdf527.2 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Using the Entfleurage Condenser.pdf55.1 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Using_Essential_Oils.pdf24.3 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Valentine_-_Triumphanl_Chariot.pdf459.1 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Valentine_B-Triumphanl_Chariot.pdf459.1 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Valentine_B-Twelve_Keys.pdf68.7 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Valerius Terminus.pdf270.8 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] vitriol.pdf144.2 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Vitriol in the History of Chemistry.pdf135.9 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Wickless_Alcohol_Burner_Instructions.pdf130.3 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Wonders of Antimony.pdf16.4 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Words of Father Aristeus to His Son.pdf19.3 KB2015-Dec-07
[pdf] Works of Sir George Ripley.pdf


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