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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

K.R. Sidhar and His Magic Box

K.R. Sidhar and His Magic Box

Who is KR Sridhar
Recently a man in the name of K.R. Sridhar had shown to the world his Bloom Box which is the most talked about fuel cell-based energy source of 2010. The project was started about eight years ago with a capital of about $400 million. The media was taken aback by the press conference in Silicon Valley with people like California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as part of the crowd. The little boxes that is believed to change the world in the future were first used by big companies like FedEx, Google, and others. The whole concept of the boxes are that they are like tiny power plants set in your own backyard. They are mainly run by any fuel source like natural gas, solar energy and others as they are used minimally to create a reaction with oxygen to convert it into electrical energy. Basically the power of the Bloom Box come from the ceramic plates that are piled on top of each other and they produced very clean electricity for your consumption.

K.R. Sidhar, who's originally from India, is the face of Bloom Energy, the company that invented the Bloom Box. He was formerly a professor of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering as well as Director of the Space Technologies Laboratory (STL) at the University of Arizona. At the helm of STL, K.R. Sidhar led the group to gather almost $20 million in nationally competed R&D contracts. As an advisor for NASA, K.R. Sidhar also led a team of scientists to develop an equipment so that human could live in Mars. It is through that mission that K.R. was able to conceptualize the now known device he calls Bloom Box.

It is quite amazing that this scientist can actually make a unit as large as bread loaf, which can produce electricity that can power an American home. Although this device now is overly hyped, many people are supporting him in his endeavor to promote clean energy that's simple to use, safe and uses common materials. The business of manufacturing these fuel cells that can earn about trillion dollars did come unfazed by skeptics. Their reason is that these fuel cells are so expensive until they can be produced in mass scale. Although Google are already using them in their headquarters, they are not confident enough to try using it in their servers where their investments are holed up. There are also experts that believe that if this company would unveil that their equipment produces much cheaper alternative source, then it can survive the market race.

Dr. K.R. Sridhar got his Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering with Honors at the University of Madras in India, as well as his M.S. in Nuclear Engineering. His Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering was finished in University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Apart from being a businessman, Dr. Sridhar is doing work with K-12 children by inspiring them to enjoy math and science. He is currently residing in Los Gatos, California with his wife and two children.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Books on Chemistry

  1. Handbook of chemistry- Vol. 1, Vol. 2
  2. Virtual Textbook of Organic Chemistry---
  3. Nature of Chemical Bond- WIlliam A.Goddard III
  4. Numerical methods and modeling for chemical engineers - Davis, Mark E.
  5. Introductory Quantum Mechanics I-MITOPENCOURCEWARE
  6. Introductory Quantum Mechanics I (2005)-MITOPENCOURCEWARE
  7. Introductory Quantum Mechanics II -MITOPENCOURCEWARE
  8. Introductory Quantum Mechanics II( Spring 2004)
  9. Organic Chemistry I(Spring 2005)-MITOPENCOURCEWARE
  10. Organic Chemistry I(Spring 2003)-MITOPENCOURCEWARE
  11. Organic Chemistry II(Fall 2003)-MITOPENCOURCEWARE
  12. Organic Chemistry II -MITOPENCOURCEWARE
  13. Organometallic HyperTextBook
  14. Medical Biochemistry-Michael W. King
  15. Chemistry, FHSST
  16. Chemistry- Kerala Government
  17. Organic Chemistry Online Learning Center- rancis Carey
  18. Organic Chemistry-Richard and Sally Daley
  19. Understanding Chemistry-Jim Clark
  20. Virtual Chembook- Elmhurst College, Charles E. Ophardt
  21. Notes on Molecular Orbital Calculations- Roberts, John D.
  22. Bioinorganic Chemistry-Bertini, Ivano and Gray
  23. Chemical process hazard analysis-
  24. Gas dynamic compressible flow -
  25. Biochemistry-
  26. Fundamentals of air pollution engineering -Flagan, Richard C. and Seinfeld, John H.
  27. Bioinorganic Chemistry- Bertini, Ivano and Gray, Harry B. and Lippard, Stephen J. and Valentine, Joan Selverstone
  28. Molecular electronic structures : an introduction-Ballhausen, Carl J. and Gray, Harry B.
  29. Chemical principles- Dickerson, Richard E. and Gray, Harry B. and Haight, Gilbert P
  30. Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry-Roberts, John D. and Caserio, Marjorie C.
  31. Organic chemistry: methane to macromolecules-Roberts, John D. and Stewart, Ross and Caserio, Marjorie C (90 Mb)
  32. An Introduction to the Analysis of Spin-Spin Splitting in High-Resolution Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectra- Roberts, John D.
  33. Chemical dynamics-Dence, Joseph B. and Gray, Harry B. and Hammond, George S.
  34. Ligand Substitution Processes-Langford, Cooper H. and Gray, Harry B.
  35. Molecular orbital theory: an introductory lecture note -Ballhausen, Carl A. and Gray, Harry B.
  36. Electrons and Chemical Bonding- Gray, Harry B.
  37. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance: applications to organic chemistry- Roberts, John D.
  38. Chemical Reaction Engineering Lecture Notes-
  39. Analytical_Chemistry vol. 1-WIlliam T. Hall (45 Mb)
  40. Analytical_Chemistry vol. 2-WIlliam T. Hall (69 Mb)

Self Improvement Books

  1. The Science of Getting Rich-Wallace D. Wattles
  2. From Poverty to Power-James Allen
  3. Eight Pillars of Prosperity-James Allen
  4. All these Things Added-James Allen
  5. Men and Systems -James Allen
  6. Think and Grow Rich-Napoleon Hill
  7. Prosperity-Charles Fillmore
  8. The Secret of Success-William Atkinson
  9. Attaining Your Desires-Genevieve Behrend
  10. Atom Smashing Power-Charles Fillmore
  11. The Secret Door to Success-Florence Scovel Shinn
  12. The Message of a Master-John Mcdonald
  13. The Magic Story-Frederick Van Rensselaer Day
  14. Your Invisible Power-Genevieve Behrend
  15. The Rich Mentality-Harriet Hale Rix
  16. Prosperity through Spirituality-Annie Ritz Militz
  17. Creative Mind and Success-Ernest Holmes
  18. An Iron Will -Orison Swett Marden
  19. How to Make Money-B. F. Austin
  20. It Works-R. H. Jarrett
  21. Prosperity through Thought-Force-Bruce Macclelland
  22. He Can Who Thinks He Can-Orison Swett Marden
  23. How Turn your Desires and Ideals into Reality-Brown Landone
  24. Demonstration-Walter C. Lanyon
  25. That Ye Might Have-Walter C. Lanyon
  26. A Royal Diadem-Walter C. Lanyon
  27. Acres of Diamonds-Russel H. Conwell
  28. Leaves of the Tree-Walter C. Lanyon
  29. The Quimby Manuscripts - Horatio Dresser
  30. Healing- Myrtle Fillmore
  31. Self-Mastery through Conscious Autosuggestion- Emile Coue
  32. Man: King of Mind, Body and Circumstance -James Allen
  33. The Mental Cure - Warren Felt Evans
  34. Dynamics for Living- Charles Fillmore
  35. How to Stay Well- Christian D. Larson
  36. Hidden Power- Thomas Troward
  37. Teach Us to Pray-Charles Fillmore
  38. Jesus Christ Heals-Charles Fillmore
  39. Light on Life's Difficulties -James Allen
  40. Primary Lessons in Christian Healing-Annie Rix Militz
  41. The Practice of Reality-Lillian Dewaters
  42. The Mind Cure- Christian D. Larson
  43. Health Treatment of Truth-M. E. Cramer
  44. Practical Healing for Mind and Body -Jane W. Yarnall
  45. Prove Me Now-Isidora H. Minard
  46. A Common Sense View of the Mind Cure -Laura M. Westall
  47. Christian Healing -Charles Fillmore
  48. The Science of Being Well- Wallace D. Wattles
  49. The Philosophy of P. P. Quimby-Annetta Gertrude Dresser
  50. Know Your Magnetic Field -William Gray
  51. Science and Health -Mary Baker Eddy
  52. Mysteries -Nona L. Brooks
  53. The Breath of Life- Ursula N. Gestefeld
  54. 2: AM- Walter C. Lanyon
  55. Ask-Walter C. Lanyon
  56. The Game of Life- Florence Scovel Shinn
  57. The Master Key-Charles F. Haanel
  58. At Your Command-Neville Goddard
  59. As a MAn Thinketh- James Allen
  60. Out from the Heart-James Allen
  61. The Mastery of Destiny- James Allen
  62. Byways of Blessedness- James Allen
  63. From Passion to Peace-James Allen
  64. The Life Triumphant-James Allen
  65. James Allen's Book of Meditations
  66. Foundation Stones to Happiness and Success -James Allen
  67. Morning and Evening Thoughts-James Allen
  68. Thoughts are Things-Prentice Mulford
  69. Thought Vibration-William Atkinson
  70. The Science of Being Great-Wallace D. Wattle
  71. Your Word is Your Wand-Florence Scovel Shinn
  72. Lessons in Truth-Emilie Cady
  73. Within You is the Power-Henry Thomas Hamblin
  74. The Edinburgh Lectures- Thomas Troward
  75. The Law and the Word- Thomas Troward
  76. The Dore Lectures- Thomas Troward
  77. The Revealing Word- Charles Fillmore
  78. The Ideal Made Real- Christian D. Larson
  79. Lessons in Truth- Charles Fillmore
  80. Thought Force- William Atkinson
  81. The Twelve Powers of Man-Charles Fillmore
  82. What All the World's a-Seeking-Ralph Waldo Trine
  83. The Greatest Thing Ever Known- Ralph Waldo Trine
  84. Character-Building Thought Power-Ralph Waldo Trine
  85. In Tune with the Infinite- Ralph Waldo Trine
  86. The Creative Mind-Ernest Holmes
  87. It Was Told of a Certain Potter- Walter C. Lanyon
  88. Mental Chemistry -Charles F. Haanel
  89. Clairvoyance- Swami Panchadasi
  90. Science of Infinite Spirit - M. E. Cramer
  91. The Science of Mind- Ernest Holmes
  92. All Things are Possible to them that Believe- Annie Rix Millitz
  93. The Pathway to Roses-Christian D. Larson
  94. Your Forces and How to Use them- Christian D. Larson
  95. The Creative Process in the Individual-Thomas Troward
  96. How I Eliminated Fear-George Wharton James
  97. The Art and Science of Personal Magnetism-Theron Q. Dumont
  98. Quit Your Worrying- George Wharton James
  99. Dynamic Thought- Henry Thomas Hamblin
  100. How to Find Your Real Self- Mildred Mann
  101. Thoughts I met on the Highway-Ralph Waldo Trine
  102. The Power of Thought-Henry Thomas Hamblin
  103. The Life Power and How to Use it- Elizabeth Towne
  104. The Heart of the New Thought-Ella Wheeler Wilcox
  105. New Thought Pastels -Ella Wheeler Wilcox
  106. Embers - Walter C. Lanyon
  107. Your Heritage - Walter C. Lanyon
  108. The Sermon on the Mount -Annie Rix Militz
  109. How the Mind Works- Christian D. Larson
  110. The Greatest Thing in the World -Henry Drummond
  111. The Subconscious Mind - Janet Young
  112. The Thinking Universe - Edmund E. Sheppard
  113. Into the LIght - Bruce MacLelland
  114. Studies in the Thought-World -Henry Wood
  115. Spiritual Housekeeping -Annie Rix Militz
  116. The Joy Bringer - Walter C. Lanyon
  117. The Temple not Made with Hands - Walter C. Lanyon
  118. I Came - Walter C. Lanyon
  119. A Lamp Unto My Feet -Walter C. Lanyon
  120. It is Wonderful - Walter C. Lanyon
  121. The Laughter of God -Walter C. Lanyon
  122. Out of the Clouds -Walter C. Lanyon
  123. Happiness and Marriage -Elizabeth Towne
  124. How to Use New Thought in Home Life -Elizabeth Towne
  125. Advanced Memory Techniques-Andy Gray
  126. Inside the Minds of Winners-Charkes Burke
  127. 101 Tips for Avoiding Procrastination-
  128. 365 Daily Success Quotes- Steve Strahl
  129. Preparing yourself for Public Speaking-
  130. Free Daily Motivation
  131. Mind changing techniques to keep the change- Ken Ward
  132. When You Can Walk on Water,Take the Boat-John Harricharan
  133. Mind Mastery-
  134. The Great Awakening Concepts and Techniques For Successful Spiritual Practice-Dr. Michael Sharp
  135. As a Man Thinketh, by James Allen
  136. Accomplish Anything you Want in your Life!
  137. Atom Smashing Power of Mind,Charles Filmore
  138. Awareness Itself, De Graff
  139. Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill
  140. The Science of Getting,Wallace D. Wattles
  141. Acres of Diamonds, Russell H. Conwell
  142. The Art of Public Speaking, Dale Carnagey
  143. Jonathan Livingston Seagull,Richard Bach
  144. The Science of Being Well - Wallace D Wattles
  145. How To Find True Happiness
  146. The Law of Financial Success, Edward E Beals
  147. Mastery of Fate - Christian D Larson
  148. How To Get What You Want - Orison Swett Marden
  149. Practical Mind Reading - William Walker Atkinson
  150. How To Put The Subconscious Mind To Work - David V Bush
  151. The Science of Being Great - Wallace D Wattles
  152. How To Fill Your Life With Unlimited Abundance -
  153. The Mental Highway - Thomas Parker Boyd
  154. How To Live Life And Love It - Genevieve Behrend
  155. Attaining Your Desires - Genevieve Behrend
  156. How The Mind Works - Christian D Larson
  157. You - Charles F Haanel
  158. The Hidden Power of Universal Laws
  159. The Master Mind - Theron Q Dumont
  160. Discover And Unleash Your Power -
  161. I Can, Therefore I Will
  162. The Money Magnet
  163. Creative Visualization
  164. Joy Philosophy - Elizabeth Towne
  165. The Magic Subconscious
  166. This Mystical Life Of Ours - Ralph Waldo Trine
  167. Powerful Ways To Sharpen Your Memory
  168. The Message of A Master - John McDonald
  169. The 'Miracle Water' Secret
  170. The Law of Psychic Phenomena - Thomas Jay Hudson
  171. How To Stay Well - Christian D Larson
  172. How To Put The Subconscious Mind To Work - David V Bush
  173. Subconscious Programming For Maximum Results
  174. The Power Of Thought - Henry Thomas Hamblin
  175. Your Invisible Power - Genevieve Behrend
  176. In Tune With The Infinite - Ralph Waldo Trine
  177. Self Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion - Emile Coué
  178. Prosperity Through Thought Force - Bruce MacLelland
  179. Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted - Gustavus Hindman Miller
  180. How To Turn Your Ability Into Cash - Earl Prevette
  181. How To Turn Your Desires And Ideals Into Reality - Brown Landone
  182. Mental Chemistry - Charles F Haanel
  183. Concentration And The Acquirement Of Personal Magnetism - O. Hashnu Hara
  184. How To Wake The Solar Plexus - Elizabeth Towne
  185. Mental Efficiency And Other Hints To Men And Women - Arnold Bennett
  186. Dialogues - Conversations With My Higher Self - Kenneth J M MacLean
  187. Influence - How To Exert It - B. Dangennes (From the writings of Yoritomo Tashi)
  188. Right And Wrong Thinking And Their Results - Aaron Martin Crane
  189. Secrets Of Mental Supremacy - W. R. C. Latson, M.D.
  190. The Ideal Made Real - Christian D Larson
  191. The Master Key System
  192. The Art And Science Of Personal Magnetism - Theron Q Dumont
  193. The Secret Of Success - William Walker Atkinson
  194. Thought Vibration - William Walker Atkinson
  195. Thought-Force In Business and Everyday Life - William W Atkinson
  196. The Magic Story - Frederick Van Rensselaer Dey
  197. Practical Mental Influence - William W Atkinson
  198. Character-Building Thought Power - Ralph Waldo Trine

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Biotransformations in Organic Chemistry

"Biotransformations in Organic Chemistry" by Kurt Faber
A Textbook. Sixth revised and corrected edition
Sрringеr | 2011 | ISBN: 3642173926 9783642173929 9783642173936 | 436 pages | PDF | 5 MB

The point of this textbook is to provide a condensed introduction to this field. It is written from an organic chemist’s viewpoint in order to encourage more ‘pure’ organic chemists of any level to take a deep breath and leap over the gap between the ‘biochemical’ sciences and ‘synthetic organic chemistry’ by persuading them to consider biocatalytic methods as an equivalent tool when they are planning the synthesis of an important target molecule.

1 Introduction and Background Information
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Common Prejudices Against Enzymes
1.3 Advantages and Disadvantages of Biocatalysts
1.3.1 Advantages of Biocatalysts
1.3.2 Disadvantages of Biocatalysts
1.3.3 Isolated Enzymes vs. Whole Cell Systems
1.4 Enzyme Properties and Nomenclature
1.4.1 Structural Biology in a Nutshell
1.4.2 Mechanistic Aspects of Enzyme Catalysis
1.4.3 Classification and Nomenclature
1.4.4 Coenzymes
1.4.5 Enzyme Sources
2 Biocatalytic Applications
2.1 Hydrolytic Reactions
2.1.1 Mechanistic and Kinetic Aspects
2.1.2 Hydrolysis of the Amide Bond
2.1.3 Ester Hydrolysis
2.1.4 Hydrolysis and Formation of Phosphate Esters
2.1.5 Hydrolysis of Epoxides
2.1.6 Hydrolysis of Nitriles
2.2 Reduction Reactions
2.2.1 Recycling of Cofactors
2.2.2 Reduction of Aldehydes and Ketones Using Isolated Enzymes
2.2.3 Reduction of Aldehydes and Ketones Using Whole Cells
2.2.4 Reduction of C¼C-Bonds
2.3 Oxidation Reactions
2.3.1 Oxidation of Alcohols and Aldehydes
2.3.2 Oxygenation Reactions
2.3.3 Peroxidation Reactions
2.4 Formation of Carbon–Carbon Bonds
2.4.1 Aldol Reactions
2.4.2 Thiamine-Dependent Acyloin and Benzoin Reactions
2.4.3 Michael-Type Additions
2.5 Addition and Elimination Reactions
2.5.1 Cyanohydrin Formation
2.5.2 Addition of Water
2.5.3 Addition of Ammonia
2.6 Transfer Reactions
2.6.1 Glycosyl Transfer Reactions
2.6.2 Amino Transfer Reactions
2.7 Halogenation and Dehalogenation Reactions
2.7.1 Halogenation
2.7.2 Dehalogenation
3 Special Techniques
3.1 Enzymes in Organic Solvents
3.1.1 Ester Synthesis
3.1.2 Lactone Synthesis
3.1.3 Amide Synthesis
3.1.4 Peptide Synthesis
3.1.5 Peracid Synthesis
3.1.6 Redox Reactions
3.1.7 Medium Engineering
3.2 Immobilization
3.3 Artificial and Modified Enzymes
3.3.1 Artificial Enzyme Mimics
3.3.2 Modified Enzymes
3.3.3 Catalytic Antibodies
4 State of the Art and Outlook
5 Appendix
5.1 Basic Rules for Handling Biocatalysts
5.2 Abbreviations
5.3 Suppliers of Enzymes
5.4 Commonly Used Enzyme Preparations
5.5 Major Culture Collections
5.6 Pathogenic Bacteria and Fungi
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