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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Ammunition - Everything you need to know about ballistics, reloading and other fast going projectiles
BBS - Assorted txt files from BBS
Camouflage and Concealment - Learn how to become the woods
Chemistry - Dont blow your hands off, its hard to operate with no hands
Combined Arms Library - This is the document repository from the United States Army Combined Arms Center, Loads of cool stuff. Source: http://www.cgsc.edu/carl/docrepository/
Computer - Computers make guns, you like guns, you like computers
Electronics - Everything good needs electricity, learn about it
Exotic Weapons - Maces and Swords and stuff, just use a gun
Explosives & Incendiaries - Seriously, dont blow your hands off
Fiction - Selected works of fiction
Field Manuals - Learn to do everything
Firearms Manuals - You cant shoot people with a gun you dont know how to work
Firearms - Boomsticks for all
Gunsmithing - Now where did that spring go?
History - History repeats itself so learn from the mistakes
How-To - Learn to fix things and build things
Humor - LeL
Ideology - Various political documents, does not represent murdercube.com in any shape or form
Images - Mainly screencaps from 4chan, kind of a mess
Infographics - Look at the pretty pictures and learn
Knifemaking - Dont cut your hand off
Locksmithing - Locks need to be opened
Military Science - Sun Tzu says "Read this"
Miscellaneous - I dont know
Money - Guns be expensive
NBC - Information about CBRNE
Philosophy - I think, therefor I am
Physics - Physics make guns work
Poisons - Dont drink these
Rocketry - Too the moon
Sciences and Mathematics - Learn
Snipers & Silencers - Did you guys he-
Spy Craft - Become James Bond on a budget
Survival - Grab this and go innawoods
Traning and Fitness - Muh lean operator gainz
Vehicles - Learn to repair your ford pinto
Videos - Assorted videos, Some are broken
Workshop - Learn a trade to better yourself

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