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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Test My Brain(Good Site For Test Your Brain)


Welcome to Test My Brain!

Click on any of the links below to test your skills and get personalized feedback about your performance relative to others who take the tests.

Keeping Things in Mind



How good are you at holding information in your mind over short time periods?

How does this compare with how well you retain information over longer periods? In this experiment, you will be tested on your ability to hold pictures and symbols in mind for short periods of time. Open to all ages, this experiment takes 15 minutes to complete.

Beauty and the Eye of the Beholder



How typical are your judgments of attractiveness?

In this experiment, you will be asked to rate the attractiveness of male and female faces, scenes, and abstract images. At the end, we will tell you how your ratings compare to the ratings of others who have completed the experiment. Do you have unusual judgments of scenes, but typical ratings for faces? Open to all ages, this experiment takes 15 minutes to complete.

How good is your number gut?



Your gut feelings about dots on a screen may reveal your math abilities -- find out how!

In this experiment, we will ask you to play a game to find out how precise your "gut number sense" is. How good you are at this game may relate to your mathematical ability. Are you better than your co-workers? Open to all ages, this experiment takes 15 minutes to complete.

Face Recognition, Emotion Perception, and Personality



How well do you read faces?

This experiment tests your ability to learn faces and perceive emotions from faces. We also ask you to complete a brief personality test. Does your personality relate to how well you can read and recognize people from their faces? Open to participants of all ages, this test takes 20 minutes to complete.

Can you name that face?



Can you identify famous people from their faces?

Face recognition can be surprisingly difficult when you have only face information to work with. Take this test to see how your face recognition measures up to your peers. Open to all ages. Takes about 5 minutes to complete.

Test My Brain

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