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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Accelerating Your Development as a Leader: A Guide for Leaders and their Managers

Accelerating Your Development as a Leader: A Guide for Leaders and their Managers.

by: Robert Barner

Accelerating Your Development as a Leader: A Guide for Leaders and their Managers  library.nu #423993

"In this book, Dr. Barner has successfully addressed a growing talent management issue, namely the need for preparing today's leaders to move faster through the leadership pipeline. This book will prove invaluable to any organization that is trying to encourage self-directed development, while enlisting the support of managers as coaching advisors. Easy to follow, with detailed suggestions, this is a must read for leaders, managers, and HR professionals who are striving to rapidly grow their leadership talent base. Strongly recommended!"

—Samir Gupte, vice president, Enterprise Function Human Resources, Darden

"Effective leadership continues to be the most critical component to business success while remaining one of the most elusive concepts to understand. Dr. Barner has taken this complex subject and made it meaningful to leaders while providing helpful insights for practitioners. Through simple and practical techniques, this book provides a roadmap for accelerating leadership development and building a personal brand for success. Whether you're a business leader or an Executive Coach, this book will serve as a catalyst to improving your own effectiveness and that of those you touch."
—Kirk Thor, Ph.D., vice president, Talent Management, JC Penney

"Another homerun by Bob Barner! Leaders don't become leaders by accident nor do they move to the next level by accident. You've got to have a plan, and I know of no better guidance in developing one than Accelerating Your Development as a Leader. It is comprehensive, removes the guesswork, and will surely increase your momentum."
—Cass Wheeler, strategic consultant, coach, speaker and former CEO of The American Heart Association; and author, You've Got to Have Heart

"Bob Barner's experience as a coach, corporate leader, and academician shines in Accelerating Your Development as a Leader. He outlines a practical approach to jump-starting career development work built on a foundation of sound research and trusted application."
—Michael Fischer, vice-president, organization development and talent management, Energy Future Holdings


Participant's Preface.

1 Managing a Company of One.

2 Closing the Gap.

3 Building Your Plan.

4 Leveraging Developmental Assignments.

5 Accelerating Your Learning.

6 Managing Your Personal Brand.


Leader's Preface.

1 The What and the Why of Managerial Coaching.

2 How to Implement Coaching.

3 Helping Others to Identify Developmental Gaps.

4 Helping Others Build Their Plans.

5 Helping Others Leverage Developmental Assignments.

6 Helping Others Accelerate On-the-Job Learning.

7 Coaching Others on Brand Management.

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