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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Internet Chemistry Resources

Internet Chemistry Resources

Organic Structure Elucidation
(NMR + IR+C-13)
CH 336 - Spectroscopic Analysis
Interactive Computer Models for Analytical Chemistry Instruction
Christian Brothers University Chemistry 415 Analytical Chemistry
Christian Brothers University Chemistry 214 Quantitative Analysis PowerPoint Lectures
Instrumental Analysis Course
Chemistry 240C - Organic Structure Analysis
Inorganic Chemistry Spectroscopy tutorial
Optical spectroscopy and Radiation
Atomic Spectrometry Update 1998 - 2001 (Full pdf) J. Anal. At. Spectrom RSC

Atomic Spectra website

Properties of Light
Diffraction of waves website
Color Temperature in a Virtual Radiator
Techniques of Optical Spectroscopy in Analytical Chemistry
Organic Chemistry 234 Lecture Slides
McMurry`s Organic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry Lecture Slides
Content Keyed to Problem Sets in the OCOL Workbook
Spectrocopy Supplement: Problems
Practical Spectroscopy: The Rapid Interpretation of Spectral Data
SPECTRa is an eighteen month project which will develop a set of customized software tools to enable chemists to routinely deposit experimental data, much of which is currently lost, in Open Access digital repositories.

Electromagnetic Spectrum
Basics Spectroscopy with Organic Chem Carey Book
Optical Methods of Quantitative Analysis
Spectrophotometry : a Demo
Software: Espectroscopía (Freeware, and demos)
Spectroscopic Databases at ACD labs
Chemland 6.0: Download
Spectroscopy at Rolf Claessen´s Chemistry Place
Analytical Chemistry/Instrumental Methods Multimedia
Principles of Marine Instrumental Analysis Encyclopedia of Analytical Instrumentation
Chem 551: Analytical Chemistry: Spectroscopy and Chromatography
Spectroscopy Problems and Courses
Undergraduate Courses, Graduate Courses and Spectroscopy Index of Equipment and Procedures
Library Resources for Identifying Unknowns
Spectroscopy problems using chemical mime types
Publications and Presentations at ACD labs
Spectroscopic databases: MS, IR, FTIR, NMR, and UV/VIS
Single Molecule Detection
The History of the NIST/EPA/NIH Mass Spectral Database

NMR Nomenclature: Nuclear Spin Properties and Conventions for Chemical Shifts (IUPAC Recommendations 2001)
MR Information Server at Florida University
The Basics of NMR: A good Course
Compilation of Educational NMR Software
Compilation of Educational NMR Software (version 1.6.2beta)
Processing, visualization and simulation of 1D and 2D NMR FID/Spectra
NMR Spectroscopy. Principles and Application
Wellcome to the NMR Lectures pages
NMR Tutorials in pdf at Spectroscopy now
NMR Lessons
NMR Spectroscopy: Problems and Spectra data Base
UIUC Chemistry 430 Homepage (Problems)
Organic Structure Elucidation (Problems)
WebSpectra (H NMR and 13C NMR, DEPT, COSY and IR)
MRI Tutorial Table of Contents
Interactive 1H NMR and FTIR Intrepretation Tutorial
Organic Chemistry On Line
NMR Knowledge Base
Chemistry 430: NMR Spectroscopy
Structure Ellucidation by NMR Second Edition -1992
Chemistry 843 "Advanced NMR Spectroscopy"-
NMR Spectroscopy I : Fundamentals of Modern Fourier Transform NMR
NMR Analysis of Codeine
SDBS : Aprox. 15000 Spectra of MS, NMR-C13, NMR-H and FTIR
NIST Chemistry Web Book (FTIR and MS Spectra data base)
Many FTIR, NMR-H and Raman Spectra
NMRShiftDB project
Chemgate: Search for NMR, IR and MS Spectra
Online database of over 87,000 FTIR and Raman spectra (Try Demo)
FDM: Reference Spectra Databases (Download Demo 14 days)
IRUG Spectral Database Edition 2000 Search Engine: IR and Raman Spectral database
SPECTRa project
Raman Spectra of Carbohydrates
ChemExpert (FTIR)
A Collection of IR Spectra - Inorganic
FT-IR Spectra of Binders nad Colorants
Infrared Spectra and Characteristic Frequencies of Inorganic Ions Their Use in Qualitative Analysis
Infrared Spectra Study Booklet
Online Information on Spectroscopic Databases

Chem 333 (Chem666): Organic Chemistry Majors Laboratory

Download free and fully functional demos of our products
University of Cambridge: Chemical Laboratory NMR Section
Welcome to the Spectroscopic Tools: Calculate 1H, C-13, IR and MS
Proton NMR Spectral Data Viewer (Test Version)
SUGARBASE is a carbohydrate-NMR database
Proton NMR Spectral Data Viewer (Java Version)
SPECTACLE: comprehensive analytical tool for viewing, processing, interpreting and storing spectra, structures, chromatograms or multi-dimensional datasets from different sources
A Practical Guide to First-Order Multiplet Analysis in lH NMR Spectroscopy and A Method for Easily Determining Coupling Constant Values: An Addendum to “A Practical Guide to First-Order Multiplet Analysis in 1H NMR Spectroscopy” J.Org.Chem
NMR Programs on Line
Virtual NMR Spectrometer
NMR Spectroscopy at MBL
NMRWeb from York's NMR Service
NMR at Widener University
NMR Books
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Liks at DMZO.org
Dr. McMills Chemistry 460 (NMR Problems)
BRMB: NMR Proteins and Macromolecules
NMR Sample Preparation
gNMR Simulation (Download)
NMR - Home Page University of Potsdam
NMR Hyperactive Molecules and the WWW
NMR Methods Blossom (Science & Technology, Sep 28, 1998, vol 76, N° 39)

NMR Links
ACD LABS: Demos on C-13, NMR-H, LogP, Pka, Organic Nomenclature
Fun with Computational Chemistry: Solving Spectral Problems Using Computed 13C NMR Chemical Shifts. A comparaison of empirical and Quantum Mechanical Methods JCE May 2002

Spectroscopy Tables Buker

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
Study Problems for NMR
NMR - Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (good)
NMR Spectroscopy: Two Dimensions
Jovall´s NMR Links
CH255J Homepage: NMR
The periodic table of magnetic resonance
Here is a typical example of a quantitation done by 1H NMR
NMR low Resolution : Foods
Yue-Ling´s Home page: NMR-C-13 and NMR-H
PERCH: NMR Software
PERCH (PEak reseaRCH)
Spectroscopy Tools: Wizard (NMR, IR and MS)
LabControl ViewPoint Spectroscopy and Chemical Structure Viewer
Welcome to the UTMB NMR Center
Cours de RMN sur WWW
Sadtler Database: NMR and C-13
The 3D Structure of DNA: The analysis of a 2D NOESY 1H NMR Spectrum
NMR and IR Demo Programs and NMR Simulator
eNMR2.0 Encyclopedia
Douglas F. Tauber Home Page: Spectroscopy Problems
National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
NMR Analysis and Consulting (some applications)
Application of 13C EA-IRMS to the detection of adulteration of honey
The International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine
Why NMr is Attracting drug Designer
Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy: Catching Up with Star Fleet Medical
MRI Tutorial Table of Contents
Application of 1D and 2D 1H NMR Spectroscopy to the Conformational Analysis of Small molecules, Oligonucleotides and Proteins.
NMR Relaxation Center
NMR Equipment Suppliers JEOL (NMR, MS, Scanning Electron Microscopes)
Wilmad Glass:World Leader of Spectroscopic Accessories
High Filed NMR Sample Tubes
Interpretation of Infrared Spectra, A Practical Approach
Infrared Spectroscopy Interactive Visualizations (good!!)
Spectroscopy wizard: The Spectroscopic Tools
Vibrational microspectroscopy of food. Raman vs. FT-IR
Chapter 1: Introduction (Infrared Spectroscopy: Fundamentals and Applications Wiley)
Practical Infrared Spectroscopy Tutorial and Help Pages
FTIR Tutorial - Peter Eaton
Practical Guide to Infrared Microspectroscopy (Edited By Howard J. Humecki McCrone Associates MARCEL DEKKER, INC. 1995)
Sample Preparation for IR and Search strategies por IR
Internet sites dealing with IR and near-IR spectroscopy and related topics
A compilation of extra information about FTIR spectroscopy and IR materials
Infrared Pages on the Net
The Internet Journal of Vibrational Spectroscopy
Medical Infrared Spectroscopy
Fourier Transfrom InfraRed (FTIR) Links
IR Database of Matrix Isolated Neutral Simple PAHs
IR Database of Matrix Isolated Cationic Simple PAHs
Attenuated Total Reflection Fourier Transform InfraRed Spectroscopy
Attenuated Total Reflectance Fourier Transform Infrared (ATR/FT-IR) Spectrometry
TeleSpec:IR Spectra Simulation on the WorldWideWeb
NASA Planetary Data System Infrared Subnode
Global Hydrogy and Climate Center (Infrared)
Earth Imaging
Infrared Cameras (many Uses)
Individual instruments Resources
The NASA Infrared Telescope Facility WWW Home Page
Multiwavelength Milky Way
Darwin: Space Infrared Interferometer Project
Astronomical survey projects
IRAC - Infrared Array Camera for the Space Infrared Telescope Facility (SIRTF)
Advanced Technologiesetector to observe the Space
The Hubble Space Telescope´s : Detectors
Spectral Lines
U.S. Infrared Space Observatory Science Support Center
USGS Digital Spectral Library (reflectance spectra of 498 minerals, plants and misc materials Optical material for FTIR
Basic Infrared Spectroscopy (Organic Chemistry on line)
David L. Sullivan's FTIR Spectra Library
The Aldrich/ACD Library of FT-NMR Spectra on CD-ROM
The embeded FTIR of acetophenone was recorded in the vapour phase at NIST
NIR Publications Characteristic Infrared Absortion Frecuencies
Studying Vibrations in Molecules
Infrared Spectroscopy (good!!)
High Resolution Molecular Infrared Spectroscopy
OPtical Spectroscopy

Perkin Elmer
Analect Instruments
Analytical Spectra Devices
Raman Spectrsocopy Raman Tutorial
Virtually Raman
Education: Raman Spectroscopy
Raman Links
Raman Spectroscopy (RS), Links for Mineralogists
Raman Spectroscopy: Database of Minerals
Raman Spectra of Carbohydrates
Applied Spectroscopy Journal
Society for Applied Spectroscopy (Links)
The Internet Journal of Vibrational Spectroscopy
An applet that simulates the operation of a spectrophotometer
FAQ on sci.techniques.spectroscopy
The Diode Array Advantage in Uv Visible Spectroscopy
Spectroscopy Presentations
Spectrophotometry Java Simulations
Gas Chromatography, Atomic Absorption and Mass Spectroscopy Theory
HP 8453E UV-Visible Spectroscopy System:On Line Demo
Spectroscopy On Line (Excellent Links to IR, NIR, MS and AS)
Glossary of Terms for UV/Vis Spectroscopy
A General Purpose Ultraviolet Observatory
Atmospheric Chemistry (UV, Ozone, Aerosols, etc.)
Reference Spectra Databases, Books and Chemical Information
Modern Methods of Pharmaceutical analysis - Uv Vis
Modern Methods of Pharmaceutical analysis - Fluorescencia
An Introduction to Signal Processing in Chemical Analysis
The Optics Project (TOP)
Rutherford Backscattering Spectrometry Instrumentation Tutorial
Auger Electron Spectrometry Theory Tutorial

The Beer's Law Simulator- an interactive Excel spreadsheet
Chemguide: Helping you to understand Chemistry
Auger Electron Spectrometry Instrumentation Tutorial
ISU Chemical Instrumentation Facility (good.. several techniques)
Electronics and Computer Interfacing in Chemistry
Electronic Circuit Simulations How a Photon Is Created or Absorbed
Color/Color Vision
The Chemistry of Autumn Colors
Colour Science Glossary
Chemical spectra from the PhotochemCAD package by Jonathan Lindsey
The Language of light - Minolta
Color Control From Perception to Instrumentation - Minolta
Chemland to Download
Chemland on Line: Uv-vis, Atomic Absorption and Emission
Four Java applets related to light emission and absorption
Chemical Concepts at Wiley: Molgen, Spectools, Mass Lib, Win NMR -1D
FDM : Reference Spectra Databases, Books and Chemical Information
Choosing the Right Trace Elements Technique
Mineral Spectroscopy Server
Spectroscopy Problems and Courses
Symmetry & Spectroscopy
Infra-Red Spectroscopy in Drug Analysis
Spectroscopy problems using chemical mime types
JCAMP-DX Data Viewer for Windows (95 and NT)
Spectroscopy Links
Introduction to Spectrophotometry: Laboratory for Biologist
Web Tutorial" on Flow Injection and Sequential Injection Analysis

Web Tutorial" on Flow Injection and Sequential Injection Analysis

Analytical Chemistry at Uakron: Spectral Methods
Spec20 Movie on UV-VIS
Spectrophotometer Simulation
Lamp Operation and Handling:Tips for the Effective Use of Spectroscopic Sources
ARC: Monochromators, Spectrographs & Accessories
Handbook of Fluorescent Probes and Research Chemicals
Molecular Spectroscopy: Abs, Emision, Beer's Law, etc.
Analytical Science On-Line: Spectroscopy, Chromatography, etc.
Internet Addresses for Atomic Spectrometry
Introduction To Instrumental Analysis Of Pharmaceutical Compounds
Tutorials on MS, FTIR, NMR
Society of Fluorescence
Other Spectroscopy Related Sites
Photometrics, Inc: The Microanalysis Specialists
Spectroscopy Web-surfer (good)
EPR/ENDOR Spectral Simulation Programs
Surface Science on the Internet
AA, ICP, MS, GC and HPLC (Download Demo)
The Multiwave-Microwave Digestion System
Simplex optimization in atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS)
Spectroscopy Tutorial : Organic Chem On Line
Infrared Spectrum Prediction and Interpretation via Internet (ChemInt9
Spectrocell Home page: Spectrophotometer cells
PC Software (NMR, IR, etc.)
Global Instructional Chemistry
Optical Methods of Quantitative Analysis
Science Software
Chapter 13: Spectroscopy Carey Book
ASD Applications Information (NIR)
Experimental ESR spectra, about 5000 spectra, mostly, of heterogeneous catalytic systems
EPR Software Database ASTM Standards Source (Online and CD-ROM): Paints Collection

Flow Cytometry

What is Flow Cytometry?
Citometria de Flujo: Teoría y manuales (In Spanish)
Useful information on Flow Cytometry
How a Flow Cytometer Operates
Cytometry Network Sites :A list of network resources available via the Internet
Information about Cytometry Societies and Associations around the world
Journals in Cytometry
What is flow cytometry? How does it work?
Flow Cytometry : Principles

A History of Mass Spectrometry

A Glosary for Mass Spectrometry
Acronyms in Mass spectrometry
Proteomics - software & Tools
Chemometrics for comprehensive GC-MS data evaluation
An Introduction to Modern Mass Spectrometry
Base Peak is the newest, comprehensive web resource for Mass Spectrometrists
MS links.com: Mass Spectrometry Resources
Zhongqi Zhang's Mass Spectrometry Page
Introduction to Mass Spectrometry
Mass Spectrometry Links Interactive illustration of an MS instrument, shows parts, etc. (Shockwave required
Chem 551: Espectroscopy and Chromatography
Introduction to Mass Spectrometry (v2.0) (University of Nottingham)
AAFS Toxicology Section: Mass Spectra of Drugs (1556 entries) (download)
Mass Spectrometry Links
Mechanisms of MALDI
Ionization Methods in Organic Mass Spectrometry
Mass Spectrometer as a GC detector
MassSpectator online calculator Ion SourceMass: Spectrometry and Biotechnology Resource
Tofware: Mass Spectrometry data acquisition system
This applet generates a Beynon table for a given mass number
Mol Mass Applet On Line
MASP: Predicting Mass Spectra
Mass Spectrometry at Hamilton
Basic Mass Spectroscopy
Analytical Links (with an emphasis on miniature mass spectrometer)
What is Mass Spectrometry? A tutorial
Basic of Mass Spectrometry (MPIs Mülheim)
Mass Spectral Databases

A Beginner’s Guide to ICP-MS (Part 1 to XI)http://matematicas.udea.edu.co/%7Ecarlopez/recommended.gif
Spectroscopy problems using chemical mime types (FTIR, UV-VIS, NMR, GC/MS, EPR)
MS links at SIS
Selected Reviews on Mass Analayzer Technologies or Related Topics
A PC-based Expert System for LC/MS & MS/MS Analysis
NIST 05 Demo Mass Spectrometry Software
The Palisade Complete Mass Spectral Library, 600K Edition
Software for Structure Elucidation Based on Mass Spectrometry
The Incredible Shrinking Mass Spectrometers
BenchTop/PBM:Hewlett-Packard, Finnigan, Micromass, Perkin-Elmer, Varian (Download Demo)
Tandem Mass Spectrometry
Bioorganic Mass Spectrometry: A NIH-Supported Resource Center
WSEARCH:Freeware Mass Spectral Software (HP, Kratos, Varian)
Dutch Society for Mass Spectrometry
American Society for Mass Spectrometry
Home Page for Factual Databases! (Mass Spectral Database)
Structural Mass Spectrometry Group
Mass Spectrometry on the Internet (MPIs Mülheim)
Mass Spectrometry Lab at MIT Division of BioEngeeniering and Environmental Health
Supplementary Newborn Screening Using Tandem Mass Spectrometry
Welcome to the NCSU Mass Spectrometry Facility
Mass Spectrometry Page at the University of Melbourne
Thomson Mass Spectrometry Lab. at the Chemistry Institute -UNICAMP
Thomson Mass Spectrometry Links
Mass Spectrometry Internet Resources FAQ
Mass Spectrometry - A Basic Overview
The RMIT University Mass Spectrometry
Mass Spectrometry for Chromatographers
Chemistry 723: Separation Methods in Analytical Chemistry
Pyrolysis Mass Spectrometry at Aberystwyth

Mass Spectrometry and Biotechnology Resource (by Andrew Guzzetta)

SIS Mass Spect Tools
Mass Spectra Calculator
Molecular Weight Calculator for Windows 9x/NT/00/ME/XP by Mathew Monroe
Mass Kinetics
Mass Spectrometry software at ChemSW

WSEARCH (Windows program that can read KRATOS, HP Chemstation files, Finnigan and Varian Saturn files
PROWL : Resource for Protein Chemistry and Mass Spectrometry
Cheatham's Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry Page
WWW Links that concern Academic Facilities with Mass Spectrometry
Double-Focusing Mass Spectrometers in ICPMS
Mass Spectrometer Software from SIS
Theory Section: mass Spectrometry
Lipid Library Contents: Mass Spectrometry

Mass Spectrometry Companies

Perkin Elmer
Other Entry to Thermoquest
Microscopy WWW Sites - By organization
3-D Confocal Microscopy Home Page
Laboratory for Electron Microscopy
Microscopy at WWW
Selected Microscopy Resources for K-12 Education
Exploring The World of Optics and Microscopy
Introduction to Microscopy
Electron Microscopy Yellow Pages
Convert Scanned Images to Data with UN-SCAN-IT & UN-SCAN-IT gel
Thermo Jarrel Ash Corporation (AA, ICP, ICP-MS )
Global FIA Supplier : Instrumentation and Components
DR. Kernchen GMBH - Refractometers and Polarimeters
Standard Test Data (simulations of x-ray photoelectron spectra (XPS-STD)

Free Destktop and Web Based IUPAC Naming Software

Molecular Modelling for Organic Chemistry
ChemBiogrid - Internet databases
ICSTM: Organic Chemistry
Chemistry 211
The Organic Chemistry Electronic Resource Page
Virtual Textbook of Organic Chemistry
Tokyo Kasei News Letters
Organic Chemistry Dr. M. A. Schwartz
The Organic Chemistry Lifestyle Page
Graphical Organic Reaction Summaries
Free Organic Chemical Information
Organic Reaction Quizzes and Summaries
Organic Chemistry Portalhttp://matematicas.udea.edu.co/%7Ecarlopez/recommended.gif
Javascript for Chemistry
Organic Movies Reaction
Organic Synthesis Web Pages
Woordenboek Organische Chemie More than 1000 substances, terms and reactions
Organic Chemistry 220 Home Page
CHEM 4D3, 1997-98 Organic Synthesis
Building the shortest synthesis route ( CHEMTECH September1998, 28(9), 35-40
Didactics of Chemistry - Organic Chemistry
ChemKey Search Database (Download demo)

Chemistry 3DO3: Organic Chemistry
Iverson CH109 Organic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry Home Page
Dr. James Lane Organic/Biochemistry Department of Chemistry U. of Wisconsin - Superior
Chem 206: Organic Chemistry
Chemical Carousel: A Trip Around the Carbon Cycle
Petroleum Internet Resources
Mol Bank
Iverson´s 610B Organic Chemistry
Animated figures accompanying Fundamentals of Biochemistry by Voet, Voet & Pratt.
Iverson´s Movie Directory (organic reactions)
Intensive Organic Chemistry For Freshmen
McMurry's Organic Chemistry: Links for each chapter
Organic Chemistry: R. H. Logan, Instructor of Chemistry
ChemItems/Organic Question Bank
a-Substitution Reactions of Carbonyl Compounds

Chemistry 3022 - Organic Chemistry Laboratory II - Index Page

Reaction Index: Name Reactions in Organic Chemistry
CH 271 - Organic Chemistry I
CH 278 - Organic Chemistry II
Determining the Mechanism for the Isomerization of Maleic to Fumaric Acid
Practice Problems in Pericyclic Reactions
Home page of Sci. Chem. Org. Synthesis
Molecualr Diversity
CAMEO (Computer Assisted Mechanistic Evaluation of Organic reactions)
ChemPrep: Search over 300,000 reactions (get DEMO)
Statistics of Organic Chemistry Resources Worldwide
Centro Mejicano de la Quimica en Micro escala
Software en Síntesis Quimica (in Spanish)
Reaktion von Ethen mit Carben
The Boron Mediated Aldol Reaction
Welcome to the Synthesis planning and Reaction retrieval Tutorials
Organic Chemistry Synthesis Tutorial
Current Chemical Reactions Source Title List
Chemistry Software Exchange
Facultad de Química: Cursos de Química Orgánica
The Web World of Fundamental Organic Chemistry
Amine Oxides Homepage
Science of Synthesis
Oxidation und Reduktion
Woordenboek Organische Chemie
Electronic Flash Cards: An Educational Resource for Students in Organic Chemistry
The Virtual Classroom
Undergraduate Organic Chemistry Laboratory Experiments
Index for Actinide Organometallic Chemistry Poster Session
Organic Chemistry Reactions with Ralph Logan
Chemistry Teaching Pages at Sunderland U. (Org. Reactions)
Major Printed Organic chemistry Resources
The Organometallic Hypertext Book
Worldwide Database of Organometallic Research Centres
How to Tackle Organic Syntheses A Beginner's Guide (Otto Meth-Cohn )
SN2 Reaction Movie
Diels-Alder Reactions
How to Tackle Organic Syntheses A Beginner's Guide by Professor Otto Meth-Cohn
Organic Reaction Mechanisms :Hydroboration
Mechanism of organometallics Reaction & Homogeneous Catalysis
NMR Interactive Course
Animation in Organic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry Help Home Page
Kimberlyte's software products
HBPLUS v 3.0 Hydrogen Bond Calculation Program
Beginner's Organic Synthesis
Stereocontrolled Reactions
Organic Synthesis Finding Procedures and Methods
This Page Contains Concepts Test for use in Chemistry
Asymmetric Synthesis (in Spanish)
Introduction to Retrosynthetic Analysis
Trinity Software (Spectrsocopy and Organic Chemistry Programs)
HOLOWin (Organic Synthesis)
Combinatorial Chemistry: Not Just for Pharmaceuticals
Simulated Reactions
The Organometallic HyperTextBook
Quantum Chemistry Acronyms Database
A Brief Review of Elementary Quantum Chemistry: Lecture Notes
Organic Structure Elucidation: 64 Problems
CH 336 - Spectroscopic Analysis
Fundamental Organic Chemistry: Chromatography
HSC Chemistry: Chemical Reaction and Equilibrium Software
QUEST 210 Manual Synthesizer
Software Library: Stereochemistry and Shapes of Orbitals
TORGANAL and Tpmr (Demo) and CACAO 4.0
The Organic Laboratory
Quantum Chemistry (course)
The Siblinks The home of the Radicals
Interesting Molecular Structures (Ligands for Asymmetric Synthesis )
The A- Level Chemistry Web Site
El Web de Química Orgánica de la Universitat de València (in spanish)

All about VIAGRA
Aspirin Manufacture Case Study (synthesis)
Electronic Conferences on Trends in Organic Chemistry
Layman's View of Brain Chemistry
Home Pages of Organic Chemistry Labs Worldwide
Dr. Linda M. Sweeting Professor of Chemistry (Towson University)
Envirofacts:program system databases (AFS, PCS, RCRIS and TRIS)
A list of Internet Resources in Organic Chemistry
Web-Sters Organic Chemistry
Some Organic Chemistry Sites
Theoretical Chemistry Links
The Glassware Gallery
Technical Information about Glass: cleaning, thermal and Chemical Properties Organic Chemistry Resources WWW
Organic Chemistry Journals
Resources on Organic Chemistry
Ooganic Chemistry Resources Worldwide
Welcome to the Colby College Organic Chemistry Page
Liz Dorland´s Chemistry Tutorial and Resource Page
Electronic Flash cards: An Educational Resource for students in Organic Chemistry
List of Bioinorganic WWW Sites
Organic Chemistry at Ohio State University Guide to Internet Resources in Chemistry and Biochemistry AT lSU
List of Internet Resources on Organic Chemistry at Emory University
Organic chemistry - undergraduate and graduate course materials
Pedro's BioMolecular Research Tools
Welcome to henri.chem.uleth.ca
Network Science : Publishing Chem in WWW
STN Databases
Properties of Some Organic Compounds
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) Data Base in Alphabetical Order
Volatile Compounds in Chewing Gum

Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening
Chemical Combinatorial: Chemical & Engineering News, February 12, 1996
MonomerChem Data Base
Combinatorial.com (Official Combinatorial Index Website)
Combinatorial Chemistry: Many Links
Journal of Combinatorial Chemistry
Welcome to NetSci's Pharmaceutical Industries YellowPages
Comprehensive Survey of Combinatorial Library Synthesis: 1998
Parallel Personal Comments on "Classical" Papers in Combinatorial Chemistry
Comparison of Resin and Solution Screening Methodologies in Combinatorial Chemistry and the Identification of a 100 nM Inhibitor of Trypanothione Reductase
Molecular Diversity
Unofficial Combinatorial Chemistry Web Site
Combinatorial chemistry at the Department of Organic Chemistry at The Technical University of Denmark
Japan Combinatorial Chemistry Focus Group
Advanced Chemtech
Papers on solid phase organic synthesis
Molecular Simulations
Synopsys Scientific Systems
Chiral Technologies
Pharmacia & Upjohn (250,000 small molecule synthetic organic)
Gen Corp AeroJet
Tripos: Software and Libraries
Oxford Molecular Group
A Few Classic References in Combinatorial Chemistry
Peptides International
Solid Phase Synthesys & Combinatorial Chemical Libraries
The Medicinal Chemistry Department of Albany Molecular Research, Inc.
Afferent Systems software solution for combinatorial chemistry