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Monday, March 28, 2011

Excellent book on organic chemistry(Free) registration is required from below link


Daley & Daley Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry for the twenty-first century.

Are you shopping for an Organic Chemistry text that actually enables you to learn? Then you've come to the right spot. This web page is the home to a textbook that uses a unique approach to mastering Organic Chemistry.

Do you wish for a book to make learning easier? Your wish is granted. Daley and Daley is the only introductory level Organic Chemistry text organized by mechanisms rather than functional groups. It was written from the ground up to simplify learning Organic Chemistry.

Ever wondered about the advantage of having your textbook on your computer? Wonder no more. Here is the text of the only online Organic Chemistry book on the planet! Best of all, you can download the entire Organic Chemistry ebook, more than 1200 pages, directly from this website.

And did we mention the price? Well...it's free. No cost, zip, zero, no transfer of funds out of your pocket. Your only expenditure is the time to download each chapter. You can carry it to class in your laptop, or you can print it out. Want us to print it for you? Then check out the "Ordering Textbooks" page linked under "The Textbook" menu on the left.

You, your best friends, your not so best friends, or your students now have access to a full Organic Chemistry textbook online for FREE! You just need to register for full access...Did I mention it's free? However, before you register check out our premium subscription option. We believe you find something of value there!

When you register, be assured that we value your privacy. We promise not to send spam ever. Nor will we ever give away or sell your information. We may email you only when there is some urgent need to do so.

To begin registration, click on the "Create a New Account" option under the "Site Info" menu on the left.

So, look around. Do some downloading. Read the book. Read through our website. Vote in the poll. Tell us what you think about the web site and our book!

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