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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cyclodextrins and Their Complexes: Chemistry, Analytical Methods, Applications

Cyclodextrins and Their Complexes: Chemistry, Analytical Methods, Applications.
by Helena Dodziuk (Editor)

Publisher: Wiley VCH | ISBN: 3527312803 | 16 Jun 2006 | Pages: 507 | PDF | 10 MB

Offering comprehensive and up-to-date know-how in one compact book, an experienced editor and top authors cover every aspect of these important molecules from molecular recognition to cyclodextrins as enzyme models.

Chapters include reactivity and chemistry, chromatography, X-ray, NMR plus other physicochemical methods, as well as model calculations, rotaxane and catenane structures, and applications in the pharmaceutical industry. The book also discusses other applications such as in the cosmetics, toiletries, textile and wrapping industries, agrochemistry, electrochemical sensors, and devices.

A must for everyone working with these substances.

Table of Contents

1 Molecules with holes - cyclodextrins 1
2 Modification reactions of cyclodextrins and the chemistry of modified cyclodextrins 31
3 Polymers involving cyclodextrin moieties 65
4 Cyclodextrin catalysis 93
5 Chromatographic studies of molecular and chiral recognition 106
6 The application of cyclodextrins for enantioseparations 119
7 Crystallographic study of cyclodextrins and their inclusion complexes 147
8 Microcalorimetry 199
9 NMR of cyclodextrins and their complexes 231
10 Other physiochemical methods 255
11 Modeling of CyDs and their complexes 333
12 Rotaxane and catenane structures involving cyclodextrins 356
13 Large-ring cyclodextrins 370
14 Pharmaceutical applications of cyclodextrins and their derivatives 381
15 Cyclodextrins in dispersed systems 423
16 Applications other than in the pharmaceutical industry 450.


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